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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I request a spot color printing?
    We do not support spot color printing. We print using a 4 color process only (all of our products are printed with CMYK, also known as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks).
  • Why don’t you call me when there is an issue with my order?
    Since we're a web-based company, all of our communication is conducted online via email.
  • Do you offer free samples?
    Yes! We offer you the chance to experience our full-color printing and superior quality before you order - no strings attached. All kits offer a variety of stocks and finishes. Business Sample Kit Business Cards Postcards Brochures Roll Labels Presentation Folder Door Hanger Rack Card Business Card Sample Kit Foil accent & embossed gloss samples Rounded corner & square shapes 11 different paper types (including pearl, soft touch & natural textured)
  • Are there any limitations to the content that you will print?
    No! We print everything.
  • Are there any special offers?
    The most current specials can always be found on the homepage. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • When does my production time or turnaround time begin?
    Production time, or turnaround time, begins after approval and processed payment. Orders Approved and Payment Processed* By 9AM PST / 11AM CT / 12PM ET: Turnaround time begins that day. Orders Approved and Payment Processed* After 9AM PST / 11AM CT / 12PM ET: Turnaround time begins the next business day. *Any issues with files and/or payment may delay your order. For example, if an order is approved by 9 AM PST on Tuesday, and the Turnaround Time for the product is three days, printing will be completed on Thursday. If the order is approved AFTER 9 AM PST on Tuesday, printing will be completed on Friday.
  • What products do you offer?
    Brightium offers a wide variety of customizable, full-color quality printed products at the best prices.You'll find office products from business cards to letterhead; marketing tools such as postcards, magnets and brochures; and personal products including invitations, announcements, holiday cards, and fun family caricature products.
  • How can I obtain a discount code?
    We will notify our customers via email or on our social media sites, if we decide to offer discount codes.
  • Which products can have round corners?
    The products that have the option for round corners are: Business Cards, Bookmarks, Club Flyers, Collectors Cards, Hang Tags, Folded Hang Tags, and Postcards.
  • Will Brightium make any changes to my account information?
    Brightium will not make any changes or corrections to any of your account information. You must make your own corrections. If you wish to change any information on your account such as your email address, phone number, password, etc., you must do so yourself by logging in to your account. This prevents unauthorized persons from making any changes to your account.
  • Can I request a quote?
    Pricing estimates (including delivery & processing) are available on any of our product information pages throughout the site.
  • What is the production time?
    Production time is the time it takes to print, cut and prepare your order before shipping out. The specific time for your product can be found on our website on the Turnaround Time page.
  • Can I place an order through the phone?
    Yes, you can place and order through the phone and you can also place your orders online.
  • How do I upload files for calendars and catalogs/booklets?
    You may upload your calendar and catalog/booklet files by sending us a separate file for each page. Keep in mind that each page refers to one side of a sheet of paper. Commonly, we ask our customers to send us separate pages (files) when uploading because it is the easiest way. This way, once the separate pages are reviewed, we will place the spreads together ourselves. For instance, if you were to upload a 12-page catalog, page 2 and 11 would need to be placed next to each other, as they will be printed side by side (page 2 on the right and 11 on the left). Most customers find it best to send us separate pages since it is less confusing. In addition, to ensure that we set up the page order correctly, we recommend that you either upload a low-resolution PDF dummy or send us a hard copy proof with the page numbers clearly indicated on each page.
  • Can I order quantities not on the website?
    You can only order quantities that are listed on the website. You may not order other quantities, because quantities are set due to the presses we use. Since we print gang-run offset, we require large quantities to print the products. You might consider submitting multiple orders for quantities not listed on the website.
  • How do I submit a reorder?
    First, you need to log into your account, click on "My Orders", then on the order number, and finally, click on "Reorder". Lastly, you will proceed to check out.
  • What is the maximun file size that I can upload?
    Maximum file size for uploads: 75MB (megabytes) per file.
  • What method of payments do you accept?
    We accept the following payment methods on our secure site: Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) PayPal Venmo Cashapp Zelle
  • How do I place an order online?
    First, you will need to register online and create a free account. You will then need to log in with your email address and password before completing your order.
  • How may I send the files?
    You may upload your files directly to our website or send us an email with your files.
  • Can I upload a file that has multiple PDF pages?
    We recommend that each file has at the maximum, two pages (front and back). Uploading several PDF pages in a file causes confusion and problems when reordering.
  • What changes can I make to a reorder?
    You can only change the quantity of a reorder. For all other changes, you will need to place a new order.
  • Do I have to order a minimum quantity?
    Not necessarily. Only some of our products require a minimum order. When applicable, the minimum quantity is displayed on the product page and when searching the product category.
  • Why didn’t I receive a proof after I placed a reorder?
    All reorders are printed with the original submitted files. We do not provide proofs for reorders because the proof was already provided with the original order.
  • Can I upload new files after my order is approved or in production?
    Once your order status changes to "Approved" or "In Print", you cannot send us new files. Orders are charged after the files have been approved, and will automatically go to print.
  • What is a reupload, and where do I reupload?
    We send you a reupload link when we find a problem with your submitted files. We ask you to fix your files and reupload them so that we can process your proof. If you have not requested a proof, you must reupload your files so that we can ensure they are ready for print. The email we send contains a reupload link, which will automatically update your account with the new files.
  • Why does my new proof look the same as my previous proof?
    Your browser is probably storing images in its cache for faster loading. If you refresh your browser, it should direct the browser to update all images. If you still do not see the updated proof, you should try viewing the proof in a different browser or on a different computer.
  • What size of type is too small for print?
    This depends on the type of font you are using on your file. We recommend for you to print a sample from your home printer to get an idea of how large or small the font is.
  • What does a “low resolution” image mean?
    A low-resolution image contains a lower number of dots, pixels, or lines per inch. The print quality of a low-resolution image is less than that of a high-resolution image, as it lacks sharpness and fine detail. Thus, the higher the dots per inch/pixels per inch, the greater the resolution and the clearer the final print will be.
  • How will I receive my proof?
    Both PDF and .JPG Proof High Res. Proof will be emailed to you.
  • How can I color match my files with what is printed?
    We do not guarantee a 100% color match, but we do guarantee a 85% color match to industry standards, due to the type of printing we offer. Thus, there may be up to a 15% color shift on your final printed product.
  • Will you match and print from PANTONE® colors?
    We do not print from PANTONE® colors; you are responsible for providing us the CMYK files.
  • How long until I receive a first proof?
    For Manually Processed Proofs, please allow up to 24 hours (1 business day) for all products. Please allow 24-72 hours for hard copy proofs for multi-page products such as catalogs/booklets, calendars, and folders.
  • Is it OK to send folder files as 2 separate 9¨ X 12¨ files?
    We will not be able to accept two separate 9" x 12" files. You must send us the flat size, not the folded size. Be sure to send us the correct size of the folder, and proper placement of graphics and text.
  • Does a 4/4 folder has pockets included? Are they considered the front or back?
    Our folders include a right pocket. All folders are processed flat, meaning that the pockets are printed as the outside (front), but folded inside (back) (4/0). The back or the inside of the folder is the area behind the pocket where the folder is assembled.
  • Can I make any changes to my files before printing?
    You may make changes to your files before your order status is “approved” or "in print." If we find any problems with your files and have not sent you a proof yet, we will ask you to fix your files and reupload. If we have already sent you a proof and you wish to make changes to your order, do not approve the proof. Instead, you will need to submit a new file with the changes. However, there will be a fee for processing the new files and creating a new proof.
  • Can you provide a check-list for print-ready file?
    The following check-list will help ensure that your files are print-ready. We ONLY accept .JPG file formats. Be sure that all files have been converted to CMYK color mode. All images need to be uploaded at a resolution of 350 dpi (signage should be 150 dpi). Please provide the correct bleed. For the bleed for your product, refer to the bleed section. Outline all fonts when working in Illustrator, embed fonts in other programs, and flatten all layers when working in Photoshop. Include all files needed to process the job: page layout files, imported images, fonts and other support files. Please compress your file(s) (2MB or larger) before uploading your files.
  • What is a proof?
    When you upload your files to our website, you will have the option to request a proof of your designs. This proof is basically a preview or a picture of what your designs look like. There are 2 types of proofs available; the manually processed PDF proof and .JPG Proof High Res. Proof (not all products have all 2 proof types available). For the Manually Processed Proofs (both PDF and .JPG Proof High Res. Proof), you will upload your files and we will check your files to ensure that they are print-ready. If we find any problems with your files, we will notify you so that you can reupload your files; if we do not find any problems with your files, we will send you a proof (preview) of your designs for you to approve. Both the PDF and JGP proof will be emailed to you.
  • Will there be a problem if my file includes a 0.1¨ bleed, but the image stops at the trimming line?
    If you do so, it may cause a problem. You must extend all images all the way to the bleed lines to avoid any uneven borders or white lines on your image when your product is trimmed.
  • What is bleed?
    Bleed is the portion of the product that will be trimmed off when it is cut to the final size. Since we print your product on an oversized sheet that gets trimmed down, we require that the images extend beyond the trim zone/line. That extra margin is what we refer to as the bleed, and is used to guarantee that you don't have white edges on your product when it is trimmed to size.
  • What does waiting for approval mean?
    This means that we have provided you (via e-mail) a low-resolution proof to approve so your order will go to print, and are awaiting your approval.
  • How do I determine how many pages are in my calendars and brochures?
    Each 4/0 file for our calendars and catalogs/booklets counts as 1 page, so if the order is for an 8-page 8.5" x 11" catalog, we would then need to have 8 separate 8.5" x 11" files.
  • Why do you not recommend having borders?
    Borders are not recommended due to possible shifting in the cutting process. Shifting may cause borders to appear uneven on the final product.
  • Why is the requirement 150 dpi resolution for signage, and 350 dpi for other products?
    Since these products are printed with our digital printers, they can be uploaded at 150 dpi and will still appear crisp and beautiful.
  • Can I use some of my website art for my design?
    When preparing artwork, DO NOT copy and paste an image off a website. These images have a low resolution and are not suitable for high-quality printing, not to mention that images that are not your own and are found on the Internet, may be copyrighted.
  • What is pixelation? Where can I get a better image?
    Your original file needs to be created at a resolution of 350 dpi, with the exception of signage, which can be created at 150 dpi. Images taken from the Internet have a low resolution of 72 dpi and will be pixelated. If purchasing an image from a source, please make sure that you choose a high-resolution image of 350 dpi.
  • Where does the business card slit go on the folders?
    We offer business card slits on the right pockets.
  • Should I submit files with guidelines?
    We need the files without the guidelines.
  • What type of software or applications do you support?
    We work with all of the common software and applications such as Adobe Creative Suite 3 (Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop), QuarkXPress 7, and CorelDraw.
  • What colors should I avoid when designing?
    Although we do not guarantee 100% color matching, we recommend limited usage of blues and reds, simply because they are the hardest colors to match. We also recommend limited usage of dark and heavy colors on uncoated stock (or on 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White), because the paper may soak in the color and offset.
  • How do I register / create an account?
    Click Log In at the top right of the page. Populate the Email, Password and complete reCAPTCHAT fields. Ensure the information you entered is correct and click the Sign up button. Your personalized My Account page will open and you're good to go.
  • How do I log in to my account?
    On the Brightium website, click the Log in button in the top-right corner of the page. Log in to your account using one of the following methods: Sign in with Email Type the Email and Password associated with your Brightium account and click Log in. Sign in with Google or Facebook Click to log in using your Facebook or Google account. WARNING! If you log in using your Facebook or Google account: You can never reset your password, and If you already have a Brightium account, all your projects will be gone. To reset your password, click Forgot password? To create a Brightium account, click Sign in > Create an Account.
  • How do I log out of my account?
    Click My Account in the upper-right corner of the Brightium website. Click the Log out button at the bottom of the list.
  • I get an error when trying to sign in. What do I do?
    Errors can be frustrating, but they also give us clues about what's wrong. Let's determine which error you're seeing: "Wrong email or password" This error appears when you try to log in using an e-mail address we don't have on file or when the password connected to the email address is incorrect. Try using a different e-mail address to log in. Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure that the Caps Lock and/or Number Lock on your keyboard isn't turned on when you enter your password. Alternatively, you can reset your password. "The user already exists" This error appears when you try to create a new account using an e-mail address we already have on file. Only one account can be created per e-mail address. Try signing in instead of creating a new account.
  • How do I log in to my account?
    On the Brightium website, click the Log in button in the top-right corner of the page. Type your Email and Password associated with your VistaPrint account and click Log in. To reset your password, click Forgot password? To create a Brightium account, click Sign up > Create an Account.
  • Where can I find pricing for products?
    Pricing for all products, quantities and paper stocks are available directly on our website. Visit each products order page and select the different print options until you see pricing for your order based on those specifications.
  • What are the additional fees for uploading new files?
    A $5.00 reprocessing fee applies to the following products: A-Frame Sign, Banner, Business Card, Bookmark, Club Flyer, Collectors Card, Door Hanger, Event Ticket, Flyer, Greeting Card, Hang Tag, Letterhead, Mounted Wall Print, Notepad, Postcard, Rack Card, Retractable Banner Stand, Rip Business Card, Rolodex Card, Roll Label, Special Shape, Sticker, Table Tent, Large Format Poster, Window Cling, Window Decal, Window Perf and Yard Sign A $15.00 reprocessing fee applies to the following products: Envelope and Staggered Cut Flyer A $30.00 reprocessing fee applies to the following products: Booklet, Brochure, Calendar, Catalog, CD Package, DVD Package, Mini Menu, Poster and Folder.
  • Why have the prices changed?
    Prices are subject to change at any time. We are an online-based company, and updates are made as the site is developed.
  • When does my credit card get charged?
    We will charge your credit card once the order has been placed.
  • How can I get a receipt for my purchase?
    Receipts can be found online in your account, under "My Orders".
  • What are the methods of payment?
    We accept the following payment methods on our secure site: · Credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) · PayPal · Venmo · Cashapp · Zelle
  • How long until I receive a refund?
    It takes 10-15 business days for us to issue you a refund. Please allow up to 48 hours for the credit to appear in your account. When your refund is issued, you will receive an email confirmation as notification.
  • Can I arrange for my own shipping provider / courier to deliver my order?
    We’re sorry, but because of our production process, we can’t accommodate special shipping requests
  • Do you ship internationally? To which countries do you deliver?
    We are currently unable to ship to destinations outside of North America (Canada, United States, Puerto Rico). We are working on getting this ability enabled in the future.
  • Do you offer expedited shipping?
    Our fastest option is Express Shipping (3-4 business days) which includes the production time of your order and the delivery.
  • What if my package is returned to the sender?
    If the carrier was unable to deliver your order and it was returned to our manufacturing facility, please Contact us and we’ll reship your order free of charge.
  • Does Brightium offer free shipping above certain order totals?
    Premium customers can receive product discounts, flat rate shipping, and free delivery on orders >$100.
  • Which shipping carriers do you use?
    We use a variety of shipping carriers, including United States Postal Service, UPS and FedEx. We determine which carrier to use for your order based on a variety of factors, such as products purchased, shipping address, size/weight of the order and delivery speed selected.
  • My product contains a defect or is damaged, what can be done?
    If the product is damaged and / or contains manufacturing defects when you receive your order, please Contact us and we’ll send you a replacement free of charge.
  • Do you offer free shipping?
    While we don’t offer free shipping right now, we do our best to offer you fast, affordable options. We’re always working to reduce our costs, so that we can pass along the savings to you.
  • Do your shipping speeds include production time?
    Shipping time is separate from the production time and begins after production has been completed. Shipping time is the length of time it takes for the shipping carrier to deliver your package once it has been printed. Shipping time varies depending on the destination from which your package will be shipped and delivered to, and the shipping method you have chosen.
  • Are your shipping times guaranteed?
    When you add an item to your cart, you’ll be asked to choose a shipping speed. After that, we’ll show you the promised arrival date for your item – and we stand by that. Bad weather and carrier delays can happen, but if your order doesn’t get there on time and you’re not satisfied, neither are we. Contact us and we’ll make it right.
  • My package was supposed to arrive today, but I have not received it yet. What should I do?
    Packages are delivered by 8pm in your time zone daily. If it is not yet 8pm you can view your tracking information in your Order History under My Account. You can also contact us at any time, and we’ll be glad to assist.
  • Do I get tracking info? Where can I find it?
    Once your order ships, we’ll send you a shipment confirmation email that includes the delivery method, estimated arrival date and other tracking details (if available). You can also go to your order history to look up tracking info
  • The paper looks different. Has it changed?
    Although we maintain the same quality and thickness of our paper stocks, certain stocks may appear slightly different due to the manufacturer the stock was ordered from. Make sure you are up to date and order a new sample kit every 3-4 months to stay current with our products and paper stocks.
  • How long does a reprint take?
    We do our best to prioritize reprints over standard orders, however, reprint time is usually the same as standard production time.
  • Why does the color of the printed product not match my submitted file?
    We do not guarantee a 100% color match, but we do guarantee 85% color match to industry standards due to the type of printing we offer. We are not responsible for the colors used when creating your own design. If you think your order was misprinted however, send an email to, and include your order number and the problem on the subject line. Please allow us 24-48 hours to respond back to you.
  • Why did you cancel my order?
    We allow our customers 3 attempts to submit the order correctly, otherwise the order is canceled. Files that have a low resolution and incorrect file format will be canceled after the 2nd unsuccessful attempt. We cancel the order so there is no confusion with printing the wrong files. We then ask you to place a new order.
  • Why can’t Brightium correct my files so that they will be print-ready?
    We will not make corrections or changes to your file(s) for any reason. As indicated on our site, we print from your "print-ready" files. Since we are a printing company, we cannot help you with designing your files, unless your order is a Design Services order. Any changes to regular, non-Design Service orders can create changes that you may not want on your files, and we want to ensure that the quality of the final product meets your expectations.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Brightium will be happy to help you cancel your order prior to Approval. However, orders may be eligible for cancellation upon request via email. Our Customer Service Team will inform you of any cancellation charges depending on the stage of the order. Once the order has already gone to print, we will only refund you the shipping. We cannot refund you when your order has been sent to print, because production has already begun. If a job is canceled prior to it going to print, any labor hours (proofs, graphic design, etc.) and/or administrative fees (credit card fees, etc.) will be subtracted from your refund. Once the order has been placed successfully, refunds will not be issued for Logo or Design services. For orders over $50: a cancellation fee of 10% of the total order will be charged. (a minimum of $15 and a maximum of $500*). *No cap on CC payments over $5000. Please review the cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions. Click here to email us. Keep in mind that all charges related to expedited printing (rush) or shipping are not refundable, including for those orders that are returned for any reason. You must return 100% of the product within 15 days (at your own expense) from the time when the delivery was received. There is a NO REFUND policy for Logo and Graphic Design Service orders that have been placed.
  • What do I need to do when my package is damaged/lost?
    If the package is lost, you will need to send an email to, and include your order number and the problem on the subject line. Please allow us 24 hours to start the trace. Once we start the trace, allow 1-8 business days for us to receive information from the shipping carrier. We will notify you as soon as we hear from the shipping carrier. If your package is damaged, you must notify Brightium of the damage within 6 business days of receiving the order. You will need to send us an email to, with your order number and problem on the subject line. Please allow us 24 hours to relay this information to the shipping carrier. In order to receive the replacement, you must wait 1-5 business days for us to receive the claim paperwork from the shipping carrier. Keep in mind that lost or damaged claims can only be filed for shipments over $50 in value. Brightium is not responsible for third-party shipping errors, omissions or damaged shipments.
  • How can I get reimbursed for a misprint?
    After reviewing the misprinted order, if we find an error that we made on your order, we will either reprint your product at no charge to you, or supply you with a coupon code/discount code as the reimbursement for your order.
  • Why am I getting an Email saying that my files are corrupted when they seem to be fine at my end?
    This could be a result of your Internet connection, or a glitch during the upload process.
  • How long does it take to get a response on an order issue?
    It takes approximately 2-5 business days for our department to review, analyze and resolve the problem with your order.
  • What stocks do you offer?
    We offer the following stocks: 38 pt. Trifecta Black with Velvet Finish 38 pt. Trifecta Red with Velvet Finish 35 pt. Trifecta Pearl with Kanvas Texture 24 pt. Trifecta Green with Velvet Finish 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover 14 pt. Gloss Cover 14 pt. Uncoated Cover 100 lb. Recycled Matte Cover 100 lb. Gloss Cover 100 lb. Gloss Book 80 lb. Gloss Book 80 lb. Recycled Matte Text 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White 60 lb. Gloss Label with UV Coating 9 mil Photobase Glossy 9 mil Photobase Matte 8 mil White Static Cling Vinyl 4 mil White Calendered Vinyl 4 mm Corrugated Plastic 6 mm Corrugated Plastic 13 oz. Premium Scrim Glossy Vinyl 13 oz. Premium Scrim Matte Vinyl Clear BOPP White BOPP White Textured (Matte) White Vinyl (Glossy)
  • Will you print in a paper I provide?
    We only print on the paper stocks we offer for that particular product (found on our website).
  • Which paper stocks can I write on?
    We do not recommend writing on any paper stock that has High Gloss UV Coating on the surface. Generally, you may write on stocks that have a Matte Finish or Aqueous Coating applied to the surface, though we do not guarantee it. We recommend that you request a free sample and test writing on these stocks before you place an order.
  • What are the differences in your stocks?
    We offer many different types of paper. We always recommend requesting free samples prior to ordering products, so that you can see the quality of the paper. Request a free sample kit. In addition, there are stocks you cannot write or print on, such as stocks with High Gloss UV Coating.
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